It's A Secret To Everybody

by Yoink!

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Originally released in the summer of 2000. Ten Year Anniversary, kids.


released January 1, 2000

Rob - vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards
ram - vocals, bass
Lindsay - vocals, drums
Charlie - keyboards, good vibes



all rights reserved


Yoink! Mc Allen, Texas

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Track Name: Broken Heart Diagram
oh no i said i'll never love again
this time's the last
i hope you have a blast with him

my eyes all red you're lying in his bed
the things you do
are twice as bad inside my head

if you wanted attention
then you probably made the right rejection
if you wanted something that lasts
you'll find out soon you let it pass

oh no too bad i hope you're feeling sad
this is the part
where you stick the knife into my back

smoke cigarettes my head is all a mess
i hope you choke
on spit every time you kiss

if you wanted affection
then you probably made the right rejection
if you wanted something that lasts
you'll find out soon you let it pass
Track Name: Aisle 3
there's a girl in aisle 3
carefully shelving all the magazines
she's smart and pretty and oh so clean
so why should she notice a boy like me

perfect hair and perfect teeth
high top converse on her feet
i'm way too nervous to say a thing
i know that she's too good for me

it's time to tell her
it's now or never

you're the girl in aisle 3
torturing me with your perfect smile
if you'd only talk to me
i know i'd make it worth your while
Track Name: We Had No Red
and on a street with yellow lights
and on a February night
and for a second there i'd swear that you were next to me

because we both know that's not true
no matter what i seem to do
i always end up back at you for getting back at me

and if i stare too hard at my shoes i can still
see where you wrote "I LOVE YOU"
right next to the heart you drew in blue
because we had no red

and after all that we've been through
you know i blame it all on you
although i still feel i should probably apologize

for all the stuff i never did
and all the things i left unsaid
like how it always felt so good to be there by your side

no matter what happens from here
it won't change the fact, my dear
that i'm still in love

and if you never held my hand
please know that i would understand
cause it was worth it
every minute
to be next to you
Track Name: Robot Girl
well i guess you wondered how i found your secret out
as if the gears and wheels weren't bad enough
she's not the best example of a robot girl
but who am i to criticize your love

she's not a lousy chick as far as robots go
she's even got two spatulas for hands
she'll never leave you stranded at the punk rock show
she'll never leave you for another man

robot girl
robot girl
wish that i had one
robot girl
robot girl
sure does sound like fun
Track Name: Christina
and while i wait for the show to start
_______ walks in
sits down, steals my heart

it wouldn't matter if she changes her hair
it wouldn't matter cause i really don't care
about the girl that she lets everyone see
the only one who ever really saw her was me

and how i wish that i could see her
and how i wish that i could be her boy
Track Name: The Day I Never Saw You
thank you for the Star Wars stuff
and all that junk
that occupies a shoe box now

something to remember you
cause i'm a sentimental fool

who would have thought that we'd remember
the day i never saw you at all
even though you don't remember
i'm still saying thank you for the stuff
Track Name: Stay Away From My Girlfriend
i'm not one to stalk but i'm gonna walk to her
it really ticks me off when i see you talk to her

a girl like that was hard to find
so i don't need some other guy
calling her up when i'm nearby
it's time for you to say goodbye

stay away from my girlfriend

i don't mean to brag but i'm in a punk rock
what makes you think you ever really had a chance

if you play it right i might have to shubadore
if you come around you might wind up on the floor
cause if that doesn't work i'll just kick your ass
Track Name: Five Days
it's been five days since i've seen your face
there's a hole in my heart that i can't replace
with the pictures in my wallet but i have to make do
cause i'm counting down the minutes til i'm spending them with you

and every single mile
is one more minute farther from your smile
i'm stepping on the gas you know
i'm going really fast you know
it's hard so far apart from you

it's been five days all across this state
120 hours but i know you're worth the wait
hanging out with people that aren't half as cool as you
but i'm getting home to you if that's the last thing that i do
Track Name: The Plastic Sleeve
tell me what am i supposed to do with you
are we gonna end it in a week or two
are you gonna make me take you back again
maybe we should give it up and pack it in

everybody's telling me to throw you out
everybody's telling me to cut you out
everybody's telling me to break your heart
has there even been a better place to start

you've been calling for me 20 times a day
you've been calling for me 20 times to say
that you love me love me love me like the Plague
or like a symptom, anyway

tell me why i always wind up losing out with you
tell me why i always wind up broken up and bruised

cause i'm trying
i'm trying
i've tried
Track Name: Star 69
well if i knew any better
i'd write her a letter
telling her that it's over
tonight i won't be sober

and i know i'll regret it
cause i'm so pathetic
this mess that i've started
has left me broken-hearted again

sooner or later
i know that i'll hate her
while she peacefully slumbers
i'll dial up her number

and hang up the receiver
but i can't deceive her
she'll use star 69 and
i'll casually deny it again

tomorrow i will do it again
Track Name: Goodbye
i think you and me could be happy
i know it sounds stupid and sappy
and i know that i'm no perfect 10
don't you think i know just where i stand

people say i'm smart on the blackboard
but i'm a retard on the dance floor
if we went out, hypothetically,
our night would unfold pathetically

we'd go somewhere dumb and
waste a couple hours of our lives
i'd say something wrong and
try not to get hung up on your eyes

and then i'd spill your soda on the table
then you'd say...